Transforming Tiger during a pandemic

Jon Pickering

Transforming Tiger during a pandemic

Our CEO, Jon Pickering chats with TechBlast about leadership throughout an unpredictable economic climate. Catch up on what he had to say to journalist Chris Maguire…

Joining Tiger in February 2020, our CEO Jon Pickering brought with him forward-thinking plans. A robust growth strategy — including a pivot of our offering and a complete brand overhaul — was always going to be ambitious. But having previously co-founded a company which after 11 years was turning over in excess of £20m, Jon was confident in his vision.

And then the pandemic struck, and the UK found itself in a nationwide lockdown only a month later. After just weeks in his new post, Jon along with the rest of our team, were forced to work from home – leaving our leader to take to the helm from his home study, 125 miles away in Kent.

Speaking to TechBlast, Jon recalls: “I put that four weeks to good effect. I spent a lot of time speaking, listening and understanding the business. That was my first priority so I could put a good strategy in place. I absorbed myself in understanding where the business was at and getting a strategy in place to take it forward.” 

But being away from the business, for Jon, wasn’t a deterrent. Taking the unusual start in his stride, he put his time to good use and moved forward in the only way that he could — offering a one-to-one call with every member of our team.

“It was a chance to have a chat with them — asking how things are going from a family perspective was just as important as what I was trying to do from a work perspective,” he told Chris.

“The thinking at the time was in a few months this will be all be over, and we’ll be back at work. I wasn’t too concerned at that point because it was about getting the growth strategy in place but by the back end of the summer we were still in lockdown.

“A big part of the business was building the culture. A new CEO had come in and I wanted people to understand from my mouth what I was trying to achieve and how it would affect them.

“I was trying to build relationships that I’d not had the luxury of doing. That is still my biggest challenge because I’ve not been able to have the impact on the culture that I would have, had the pandemic not happened. It’s the reality for everyone.”

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