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Data Analytics Consultancy Service

Forget assumptions. Unlock and understand your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) data to evidence every business-critical decision.

Why Tiger’s Data Analytics Consultancy Service is right for you

Without context, data offers zero direction and, before you know it, you can suddenly feel lost. How do you know what data is important or valuable? Or how to interpret it to reflect and address key corporate challenges?

As an extension of your team or bolt-on consultancy service, we’ll answer these questions and more as we work with you to maximise the potential of our workplace data analytics tool, Tiger Prism.


The tailored packages we provide


Reviewing your data and delivering detailed insights to enrich your understanding.


Providing you with the confidence to interpret your Prism dashboards, reports, and analytics.


Configuring your outputs and guiding you through optimising Prism.


Equipping you to create bespoke outputs beyond dashboards, reports, and analytics.

“Unlock your UC&C estate to determine future tech investments, identify staff productivity challenges and training requirements, transform your company’s performance, and boost employee wellbeing and engagement.”

Caroline Lewis, Sales Director at Tiger

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