Developing a fraud alert system for a leading UK insurer

Client context

Our client is a leading UK internet and telephone based insurer with over 2,000 employees. Most employees are part of call handling teams that deal with customer enquiries about insurance products and claims.

Tiger Prism workplace analytics software provides this client with essential information on call handling and customer service levels.

The insurer can see how quickly customers are able to speak to an agent, when customer calls peak, and how quickly customers’ needs are met.

This information is used to plan people resource on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis; to highlight the most productive employees, as well as those that need support; and to ensure customer demand is satisfied and costs are controlled.

Amidst the high volume of inbound calls, the insurer receives a significant proportion of fraudulent calls, with fraudsters attempting to make false insurance claims.

Fraud is a sensitive issue across the whole insurance sector and our client wanted to create a proactive alert system that notified agents and other departments when a fraudulent call was potentially taking place.

Sector Insurance

Employees 2,000+

Sites 3

Location UK

Workplace analytics

  • Call response times
  • Call volume/duration
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Fraud alerts

Client goals

Our client’s analysis of past fraudulent calls revealed that fraudsters often use the same telephone number over and again, as they attempt to make false insurance claims with multiple agents.

The insurer also had records of telephone numbers associated with previous false insurance claims and a list of locations where patterns of fraudulent activity were prominent.

Using this knowledge and the proactive alert functionality available within Tiger Prism, our client wanted to set up a system that tagged suspicious telephone numbers and sent an alert to agents and managers when the number was being used.

The insurer also wanted to set up alerts for the wider organisation, as fraudsters often attempt to make their fraudulent claims via other departments outside of call handling teams.

Tiger response

Tiger worked with the insurer’s IT and security teams to set up a series of proactive alerts that raised the alarm when agents were in calls and highlighted to managers when there were unusual patterns of calls.

Known suspicious numbers were the first tier of data we tagged for proactive alerts. Any time a suspicious number was used, agents were notified to apply additional due diligence and to terminate the call if they witnessed other signals of fraudulent activity.

The second tier of data was flagging the use of any telephone number with an unusually high frequency of calls connected to it. Sudden high volumes of activity on a new number is an early indicator of an incoming fraudulent call.

Business impact

The immediacy of Tiger Prism’s alert system made call handling teams far less vulnerable to fraudulent claims.

Introduction of the new alert system also provided an opportunity to refresh agents’ training on what action to take if they were suspicious of a caller.

Alerts sent to managers about unusually high volumes of calls from a new number were also successful. They kick-started security procedures for validating telephone numbers, ensured teams were advised of potential threats and instigated the creation of a new alert against the suspicious telephone number.