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Providing detailed call data to address customer service and call performance metrics Storing data for longer than Zoom's native analytics to uncover key trends Identifying tech usage to optimise licence costs and support quality concerns
Where are you on your UC analytics journey? Download now Our new guide can help you find out. Understand how you communicate, collaborate and connect in hybrid and remote environments with data analytics from Tiger Prism. Get the insights you need to transform how you work, collaborate and perform.
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Tiger is a team of vendor-agnostic data specialists, who unlock the intelligence needed to successfully run workplaces of the future. So, what does that mean for you?

Using Tiger Prism – one of the industry’s most intuitive and progressive UC analytics solutions – our customers bring all their communication and collaboration data into one user-friendly, integrated platform.

CIOs, function leads and team managers use Tiger Prism to gain insights into the activity of teams, customer experience standards and technology investment – to maximise how they work, collaborate and perform.

Meet Tiger Prism

Whether your current business priorities are compliance or capacity planning, customer service or colleague collaboration, don’t underestimate the role that UC data can play.

Tiger brings all your telecoms and communications data into one feature-rich platform, so you can deliver business-wide impact.

Providing the functionality you need, when you need it, the software is available via an affordable subscription model, which can scale up and down as your UC journey unfolds.

Tiger Prism

“…When we first started working with Tiger, our priority was relatively basic call logging, to provide us with a robust audit trail. But as our needs have matured, Tiger has grown with us. It’s no longer viewed as a telecoms product – it has cross-departmental value.”

Making the most of your data

Reporting, Scheduling & Dashboards

Our recent Ask the Experts was a deep dive into maximising data potential with Prism Reporting, Batch Reporting, Scheduling, and Dashboards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your Prism expertise!

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Customer stories

Call logging helps council to streamline operations, fuel digital transformation, and improve citizen experience
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Reducing missed calls to boost revenue and enhance student experience during clearing.
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Key features

Whatever your company size or sector, everything comes back to the call…

Call Logging

Quickly explore the date, time, and length of employee and customer calls – and more.

Billing & cost allocation

Measure, monitor, reconcile and optimise costs, for business-wide financial savings.

Proactive alerting

Stop running your teams in the dark, with notifications that are always on.

Capacity planning

Understand demand and allocate resource accordingly, for maximum team performance and service excellence.

User adoption

Identify tech usage patterns, uncover training needs, and optimise licence costs.

Workplace analytics

Whether transforming wellbeing or justifying digital transformation, turn data into intelligence that drives company-wide change.

A guide to levelling up your
UC analytics

Download our guide to discover the five stages of the UC analytics journey, what levelling up looks like for your organisation and more.

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