Protect your organisation with
always-on notifications

Having a clear overview of your entire organisation is vital if you want to ensure you’re equipped to detect issues at the earliest opportunity, safeguard your business, and empower your workforce.

Whether your organisation requires real-time alerts to capture fraudulent calls before they gather pace or you need to respond quickly to missed calls so that you never lose customer opportunities, Tiger Prism’s proactive alerting feature means you’ll stop running your teams in the dark, with notifications that are always on.

Introducing Tiger Prism’s proactive alerting

With Tiger Prism’s proactive alerting, you’ll receive automated email notifications and triggers every time a fraudulent call has taken place, or a call has been missed.

This not only empowers your team to respond swiftly, but it provides real-time evidence so relevant action can be taken – improving both the customer experience and reducing risk.

And, with our cloud-based software feature, there’s no limit to how much data you’re notified about, or how long you store it for.

If you’re inquisitive about what’s going on in your organisation, you want to combat bogus callers, or are keen to offer exceptional customer service, Tiger Prism’s proactive alerting is for you.


“Tiger Prism has helped transform the way we measure fraudulent activity. It’s so easy to use and the proactive alerts have been invaluable. We want to keep utilising Tiger’s tools to load more phone numbers, keep triggering vital results and, ultimately, future-proof our business.”

Andy Pickard, Intelligence Team Leader, Financial Crime Insight, esure Group


Discover how home and car insurance firm esure saved £200,000 in bogus personal injury claims thanks to Tiger Prism’s proactive triggers


Watch our chief operating officer Ben Nicklen discuss the impact of Tiger Prism for businesses in our #TigerTalks webinar series

Explore Tiger Prism’s other popular features

Whatever your company size or sector, everything comes back to the call…

Call logging

Quickly explore the date, time, and length of employee and customer calls – and more.

Billing & cost allocation

Measure, monitor, reconcile and optimise costs, for business-wide financial savings.

Proactive alerting

Stop running your teams in the dark, with notifications that are always on.

Capacity planning

Understand demand and allocate resource accordingly, for maximum team performance and service excellence.

User adoption

Identify tech usage patterns, uncover training needs, and optimise licence costs.

Workplace analytics

Whether transforming wellbeing or justifying digital transformation, turn data into intelligence that drives company-wide change.

Ready to level up?

If you think you would benefit from more than Tiger Prism’s call logging feature alone, explore how the platform can evolve alongside you.

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