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Our workplace data analytics software captures patterns and changes in the data generated by your telephony and Unified Communication systems.

Enterprises of all sizes and sectors use this data to inform and transform how they work, collaborate and perform, whether they use simple voice, or integrated voice, video, messaging and conferencing tools.

Tiger Prism in your enterprise

Empower your teams to love data with Tiger Prism. Discover how our software is used to measure and monitor cost, performance and adoption.

How to understand your unified communications data

Data data everywhere but where are the insights to make you think? At Tiger, we’re used to taking on big data challenges.

We know that just one telephone call generates around 600 pieces of data, but none of that data is useful information until it’s analysed in context. This is where we come in.

In this webinar we’ll show you how our platform – Tiger Prism – captures patterns and changes in the data generated by unified communications and collaboration systems and presents it in a meaningful way to drive better decisions and outcomes for your organisation.

From IT leaders through to service teams and HR, our platform empowers everyone in an organisation to transform how they work, collaborate and perform by understanding the data that matters to them.

Sign up for our short webinar at 10:00am on Friday 2nd July to meet some of our team and see our solution in action.

Key features

The central function of our workplace analytics software is collating and transforming telephony and Unified Communications & Collaboration data, to help our clients make informed decisions about their resources, technology and processes.

  • Secure
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Directory integration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Simple dashboard
  • Data mining and querying
  • Multi-language, multi-currency and time zoning

Key capabilities

User adoption

Monitor the use of collaboration tools including speech, chat, video and conferencing to determine return on investment.

Tech investment

Understand existing traffic compared to network capacity to design your future network and the right level of investment.

Cost control

Understand voice, video and data traffic on a global scale to plan capacity and route traffic cost effectively.

Customer experience

Get a clear picture of call performance compared to customer experience KPIs to plan your technology and people resource.

Cost allocation

Reconcile your call costs for cross-charging and invoicing.

Fraud detection

Set up automated alerts to inform your team of potential fraud as it happens.

Personal call manager

Increases employees’ visibility of the costs they incur to limit personal calls and direct how they use call and collaboration tools.

Call alerts

Set up automated alerts on specified telephone numbers to alert departments of important activity.

Customer stories

Reducing missed calls to boost revenue and enhance student experience during clearing.
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Triggering alerts to help investigators capture bogus callers.
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