Take control over your telecoms
costs with Tiger Prism

No matter what the business, budget control is paramount.

With Tiger Prism, organisations can gain increased insight into their telecoms usage and spending – enhancing control, understanding and visibility so that usage can be optimised and costs allocated effectively.

Introducing Tiger Prism’s billing and cost allocation feature

Detect excessive call charges

Identify the source and circumstances to understand costs incurred

Enable visibility of charges so that employees remain informed

Reconcile costs through cross-charging and invoicing

Enable accurate allocation across departments

Optimise costs and eliminate unnecessary spend

Capacity and service analysis on a large-scale UC upgrade supporting NHS customer services.

With an urgent need to understand UC traffic, capacity and adoption levels — our Tiger Prism technology has helped transform a busy NHS A&E department.

Explore Tiger Prism’s other popular features

Whatever your company size or sector, everything comes back to the call…

Call logging

Quickly explore the date, time, and length of employee and customer calls – and more.

Billing & cost allocation

Measure, monitor, reconcile and optimise costs, for business-wide financial savings.

Proactive alerting

Stop running your teams in the dark, with notifications that are always on.

Capacity planning

Understand demand and allocate resource accordingly, for maximum team performance and service excellence.

User adoption

Identify tech usage patterns, uncover training needs, and optimise licence costs.

Workplace analytics

Whether transforming wellbeing or justifying digital transformation, turn data into intelligence that drives company-wide change.

Ready to level up?

If you think you would benefit from more than Tiger Prism’s call logging feature alone, explore how the platform can evolve alongside you.

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