esure Group

Triggering alerts to help investigators capture bogus callers.

Client context

Serving more than two million customers with 5-star Defaqto-rated car and home insurance, esure Group is one of the UK’s leading personal lines insurers. Headquartered in Reigate, Surrey, the award-winning organisation also has sales and claims teams based in Manchester and Glasgow.

The business’s financial crime unit is responsible for detecting fraudulent claims, which can range from policies to obtain cheaper premiums, to fictitious accidents.

Financial Crime includes a five-strong intelligence workforce that also assists the police with data protection matters, including Class A drugs and human trafficking operations.

A customer of ours since 2010, esure has transitioned from being an on-premise telephony client, to having access to our Tiger Prism workplace data analytics software. The team utilises our cloud-based solution to obtain critical call information and plug-in, real-time alerts. These notify agents and investigators when bogus claims are being made – which is particularly important during peak times.

Sector Insurance

Employees 1,764

Sites 3

Location UK

Workplace analytics

  • Fraud monitoring & alerts saving £800,000+
  • Call response times
  • Call volume/duration
  • Social engineering support

Client goals

Knowing fraudsters typically use the same number to make several dishonest applications, esure’s intelligence team required proactive triggers that identified the moment these calls came in.

Managing our alert functionality effectively and swiftly was imperative for the unit, so they could deliver every piece of information to the correct departments, in real-time. It’s vital that esure can provide law and regulatory enforcement with as much evidence as possible, so further action can be taken.

Tiger response

Working closely with esure’s intelligence officers, a series of proactive alerts have been set up to capture fraudulent inbound calls, pinpoint bogus callers’ numbers, and notify agents and investigators straight away.

Additionally, our cloud solution can tag other suspicious Calling Line Identity (CLI) numbers, identify locations, and log prominent call patterns to help the wider team identify policies and claims – killing them before they even go live.

We also help esure identify where further training is required, to help agents across its UK sites spot signs early and know which questions to ask during suspicious calls.

Business impact

Tiger Prism has facilitated a number of operations to identify fraudulent callers and make significant cost savings for esure.

In one 20-minute period alone, our alerts assisted in capturing a persistent offender who set up 15 policies to try and claim a total of £44,250. All of these claims were stopped at the source.

Other operations have resulted in:

Identifying three suspicious claims that weren’t initially linked. Using Tiger Prism’s alerts, one of the key numbers called again and this information was referred to the Special Investigation Unit. Further examination resulted in a £4,500 claim being withdrawn. Two other claims – totalling £25,000 – are currently under investigation.

Additionally, our Prism software assisted a social engineering project which involved identifying a list of telephone numbers through phishing complaints from customers. Tiger searches showed that esure’s contact centres were receiving fraudulent calls to try and obtain customer data. Our alerts tracked the frequency and pattern of calls – all of which were fed back to agents. A total of 45 calls could be linked to 35 claims and saved the business £200,000 in personal injury claims.

…Tiger Prism has helped transform the way we measure fraudulent activity. It’s so easy to use and the proactive alerts have been invaluable. We want to keep utilising Tiger’s tools to load more phone numbers, keep triggering vital results and, ultimately, future-proof our business.

Andy Pickard, Intelligence Team Leader, Financial Crime Insight, esure Group