UC and workplace data analytics
for local authorities

Using call data to save money and enhance customer service

Local authorities are aware of the importance of recording call data — not only from a compliance perspective, but to help deliver improved services to citizens too.

However, it’s no secret that local authorities are often under financial pressures to do more with less.

Having data analytics can provide staff with the insight to iron out bottlenecks in service delivery, effectively allocate staffing resource, manage fluctuations in demand, and streamline technology costs.

Given that traditional telephony remains one of the most popular channels of communication for local authorities, having call logging and analytics in place is vital for spotting seasonal trends and patterns in demand.

Data analytics can also help support local authorities with their channel shift strategies — giving staff the data to analyse the adoption and prove whether it has been successful or not.

What are the benefits of UC and workplace data analytics for local authorities?

Local authorities are highly regulated and face many financial, security, compliance, and fraud-related challenges. Data gives councils peace of mind to make the right decisions.

Tiger Prism helps local authorities to:

  • Log customer call data
  • Monitor call volumes and performance
  • Optimise staffing resource in line with demand
  • Analyse the success of channel shift strategies
  • Obtain compliant call information without data storage restrictions
  • Measure UC technology adoption and usage
  • Track and optimise SIP Trunk utilisation
  • Gain a ‘single pane of glass’ view of your UC&C estate
  • Improve service delivery and the citizen experience
  • Automate reports
  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Provide evidence for fraud and legal challenges

West Dunbartonshire Council uses call data to create positive change

By using Tiger Prism to log the 2,300 weekly calls it receives, WDC was able to streamline operations, fuel digital transformation, and improve the citizen experience.

“…Tiger Prism not only gives us an immediate live picture of the challenges facing our organisation, but it also tells us the story of what happened yesterday, to help us improve what we do tomorrow.”

Stephen Daly, citizen and library services manager, West Dunbartonshire Council.

Enabling local authorities to unlock the insight needed to enhance service delivery and make informed decisions.

Key capabilities

User adoption

Monitor the use of collaboration tools including speech, chat, video and conferencing to determine return on investment.

Tech investment

Understand existing traffic compared to network capacity to design your future network and the right level of investment.

Cost control

Understand voice, video and data traffic on a global scale to plan capacity and route traffic cost effectively.

Citizen experience

Get a clear picture of call performance compared to citizen experience KPIs to plan your technology and people resource.

Cost allocation

Reconcile your call costs for cross-charging and invoicing.

Fraud detection

Set up automated alerts to inform your team of potential fraud as it happens.

Personal call manager

Increases employees’ visibility of the costs they incur to limit personal calls and direct how they use call and collaboration tools.

Call alerts

Set up automated alerts on specified telephone numbers to alert departments of important activity.

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