Capacity planning and
data-driven UC transformation

Deciding how and when to invest in your unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) estate is no easy task.

IT and telecoms leaders must anticipate and plan for network growth, while also minimising redundant capacity costs.

The acceleration of hybrid and ‘work from anywhere’ trends have seen a rise in the number of collaboration tools available to support teams to get the day job done.

Meanwhile, senior leaders and budget holders are keen to understand the adoption and payback of all this new tech their organisation is investing in.

Introducing Tiger Prism’s capacity planning feature

With Tiger Prism, you can understand and prove your UC tech needs – there’s no need to guess the requirements for your upgrade or transformation project.

Our software provides meaningful data and insights relating to your organisation’s usage – allowing you to understand the capacity you need and make the right decisions for your UC&C investment.

By integrating with your existing UC&C platforms – including Cisco and Microsoft Teams – Tiger Prism will help you:

Understand the ‘as is’ situation

Look at channel usage, call volumes and device utilisation

Build a data-driven

Using your data to intelligently scope your requirements

De-risk your

Accurately plan costs and monitor user adoption after implementation

Effective resource planning

Help your business manage peaks in demand while also optimising telecoms costs.

With in-depth visibility of SIP trunk availability at your fingertips, you’ll be empowered to assess capacity, analyse the channels that lay dormant and instead redeploy them to support busier periods.

Team leaders and managers will have insights on the concurrent calls coming into your organisation or specific departments, supporting their decisions to scale up – or down – staff resource in-line with customer demand.

In this way, Tiger Prism’s business-wide intelligence inspires data-driven change. From improving customer service by reducing missed calls, to optimising costs, engaging remote workers and everything in between, our UC and workplace analytics data is everyone’s business.

Explore Tiger Prism’s other popular features

Whatever your company size or sector, everything comes back to the call…

Call logging

Quickly explore the date, time, and length of employee and customer calls – and more.

Billing & cost allocation

Measure, monitor, reconcile and optimise costs, for business-wide financial savings.

Proactive alerting

Stop running your teams in the dark, with notifications that are always on.

Capacity planning

Understand demand and allocate resource accordingly, for maximum team performance and service excellence.

User adoption

Identify tech usage patterns, uncover training needs, and optimise licence costs.

Workplace analytics

Whether transforming wellbeing or justifying digital transformation, turn data into intelligence that drives company-wide change.

Ready to level up?

If you think you would benefit from more than Tiger Prism’s call logging feature alone, explore how the platform can evolve alongside you.

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