Strategic vendor partnerships to grow your business

Build your credibility

In an increasingly competitive market, growing a successful technology business is tough. Differentiating your service from competitors to stand out from the crowd is one challenge. An even bigger challenge is establishing and building credibility with large strategic vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft.

Tiger helps partners start that journey and achieve more much quicker, through our partner enablement services that build sustainable best practice operations into your business and set solid foundations for accelerated growth.

We have supported some of the UK’s most successful technology partners on their high performance journeys, with the ultimate objective of delivering sales growth.

Targets are achieved through the transformation of engagements with strategic vendors, based on increased relevance, capability and proactive two-way relationships.

Business outcomes

Use our partner consulting service to achieve:

  • Better vendor engagement
  • Increased commercial maturity
  • Strategy development and alignment
  • Effective structure and process
  • Advanced technology insights
  • Deeper customer understanding
  • Insights into the role of workplace analytics
  • Accelerated growth