UC and workplace data analytics for manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with crucial data insights

The manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors are highly competitive; ensuring customers receive the best service at every interaction, is crucial.

And for those keen to maintain local knowledge and relationships, while avoiding the high overheads that contact centres can bring, Tiger can offer the peace of mind that customer needs are being taken care of at branch level.

With Tiger Prism, teams can access live dashboards — detailing incoming calls, plus any missed interactions — to enable teams to quickly follow up in the event that a call goes unanswered.

Meanwhile, leaders can access site specific insights — featuring key performance stats, including call volumes, length of ring, call bounces, and more — to ensure that trends can be acted upon, fast.

Discover how actionable real-time insights, can help you to keep a finger on the pulse within your organisation – today.

What are the benefits of UC and workplace data analytics for manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses?

Live access to data via real-time dashboards can support sales-focused industries to quickly react and adapt – making informed business decisions, fast.

With Tiger Prism, companies can:

  • Log customer call data
  • Monitor call volumes and performance
  • Optimise staffing resource in line with demand
  • Analyse the success of channel shift strategies
  • Obtain compliant call information without data storage restrictions
  • Measure UC technology adoption and usage
  • Track and optimise SIP Trunk utilisation
  • Gain a ‘single pane of glass’ view of your UC&C estate
  • Improve service delivery and customer experience
  • Automate reports and receive timely updates
  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Provide evidence for fraud and legal challenges
  • Make informed decisions, based on accurate insights
  • Gain insight into call activity at branch level
  • Maintain a focus on local relationships and knowledge, while negating the need for costly contact centres

Leading manufacturing and distribution business uses call data to increase sales

With Tiger Prism, our client was able to identify missed opportunities to bolster sales – via real time missed call data, enabling call backs to take place within a critical timeframe.

Learn more about how our bespoke workplace analytics technology seamlessly integrated with their existing tech stack.

“…A successful trial proved that sales could increase by an average of 15% if all missed call customers were called back within seven minutes of their missed or abandoned call.”

Enabling manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses to unlock the insight needed to enhance service and make business critical decisions.

Key capabilities

User adoption

Monitor the use of collaboration tools including speech, chat, video and conferencing to determine return on investment.

Tech investment

Understand existing traffic compared to network capacity to design your future network and the right level of investment.

Customer experience

Get a clear picture of call performance compared to customer experience KPIs to plan your technology and people resource.

Cost allocation

Reconcile your call costs for cross-charging and invoicing.

Fraud detection

Set up automated alerts to inform your team of potential fraud as it happens.

Call alerts

Set up automated alerts on specified telephone numbers to alert departments of important activity.

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