Workplace data analytics for the
healthcare sector

Empowering NHS leaders to make critical decisions with workplace data

Data is everywhere – and the NHS holds a vast amount of it.

Access to real-time data supports busy healthcare sector managers who are working at pace and want to better understand current staffing levels, reasons behind patient waiting times and more.

That’s where our workplace data analytics software, Tiger Prism, comes in.

Providing NHS leaders with unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) data means they can unlock crucial detail – from phone call volume, length and quality, to when departments are at their busiest.

Helping NHS managers to identify patterns and respond swiftly, means they’re in a stronger position to decrease bottlenecks, deploy additional support services, measure cost, performance and tech adoption, and ultimately, deliver an all-round better patient experience.

What we’re hearing in the NHS

Increased demand

2021 has seen a 25% rise in call volumes, increasing the pressure on all NHS staff.

Patient complaints

18% of all Patient complaints to the NHS relate to communications, with limited visibility of quality, performance and other metrics to inform resourcing decisions.

Staff wellbeing

Per month 439,000 full time equivalent days lost and 28.3% of all sickness absence related to anxiety/stress.

Analytics gap

Rapid roll out of UC&C creating an analytics gap around adoption and cost management.

“…By providing timely, relevant and, most importantly, actionable data analytics, Tiger enables us to make informed technology and resource decisions to scope services effectively and realise efficiencies and cost savings.”

Head of Network Infrastructure and Telecoms, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

Capacity and service analysis on a large-scale UC upgrade

Discover how one NHS Trust in the north of England embarked on a large-scale Unified Communications (UC) upgrade. Our Tiger Prism workplace analytics software was selected to understand UC traffic, capacity and adoption levels.

Key capabilities of Tiger Prism

User adoption

Monitor the use of collaboration tools including speech, chat, video and conferencing to determine return on investment.

Tech investment

Understand existing traffic compared to network capacity to design your future network and the right level of investment.

Cost control

Understand voice, video and data traffic on a global scale to plan capacity and route traffic cost effectively.

Patient experience

Get a clear picture of call performance compared to patient experience service levels to plan your technology and resource.

Cost allocation

Reconcile your call costs for cross-charging and invoicing.

Fraud detection

Set up automated alerts to inform your team of potential fraud as it happens.

Personal call manager

Increases employees’ visibility of the costs they incur to limit personal calls and direct how they use call and collaboration tools.

Call alerts

Automate alerts on specified telephone numbers to alert departments of important activity analytics and dashboards.

How analytics can enable NHS leaders to make business-critical decisions

The Covid-19 crisis has led to the NHS being relied upon more than ever before, to provide quality healthcare to UK patients throughout the pandemic.

And as frontline staff continue to play a pivotal role in the nationwide recovery, Trust leaders are expected to be on top of their game when it comes to making any all-important organisational-critical decisions – and that can only be achieved via accurate data. So how can managers achieve this with the help of analytics? Our COO Ben Nicklen discussed this topic. Here’s what he had to say…


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