6 BI strategies to bring workplace data analytics to life in 2021

What’s value data adds within your business? In our Quickfire Guide to Workplace Data Analytics we look at the 6 BI strategies that bring your workplace data to life. How many of these do you recognise?

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Drive workplace performance

Collate data generated by voice, video, conferencing and messaging platforms, to develop a holistic understanding of workplace performance and make informed decisions about resources, technology and processes.


Communicate and collaborate

Understand colleagues’ adoption and usage of UC tools – particularly their responsiveness, proactivity and tendency to collaborate – to help build customer relationships, retain existing business and grow.

Strengthen customer relationships

The efficiency, relevance and quality of interaction between a brand and an organisation will significantly influence the customer experience, business reputation and relationship between the two parties.

Improve employee engagement

It’s a commonly cited phrase that employees are an organisation’s greatest asset. But, while the unparalleled uplift in remote working has brought about a number of long overdue changes to previously restrictive employment models, it is important to ensure this flexibility has truly benefitted the engagement and wellbeing of colleagues as employers would hope.

De-risking and managing fraud

Estate-wide monitoring of a UC environment, as well as proactive alerting capabilities that detect and forewarn against fraudulent abuse, can provide a much-needed security blanket from crime.

Fuelling technology updates

An article from World Economic Forum (October 2020) stated ‘go digital, or go bust’. But the business case for a technology upgrade – especially one that represents a significant degree of change for an enterprise – still needs evidencing.