Tiger Prism Detection and Alerting

Providing individual call tracing and trend analysis features

Many organisations have a security team dedicated to investigate and prevent fraud; however, these tasks may also be the responsibility of finance or IT departments. Utilising Prism to proactively monitor real-time data saves time and effort.

Information regarding threats such as; toll fraud, malicious calls, hacking and security breaches across all UC platforms will be pushed to users and alert groups to instigate immediate action.

Key features:

  • Ability to identify network hacking and other security breaches
  • A calendar view depicting existing alerts
  • Alerts can be sent via fully customisable email, FTP or collaboration platform
  • Continuous monitoring of network call traffic 24/7
  • Automatic identification of exceptional calls
  • Call alert functionality to alert internal and external personnel
  • Tracing of malicious calls and internal system abuse
  • Configurable quick view of alerts within the email

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