Use data to assess customer experience

Performance expectations X
Call pick-up and duration

= Right people resource
and network bandwidth

Strengthen customer relationships

A positive customer experience is key to building brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships that help a business thrive. It sits at the heart of every successful enterprise.

Your customers want their needs to be met quickly and simply and for the interaction to be tailored and human. The quality of the interaction they have signposts how much you care about their custom.

Today, as more and more business takes place remotely, the customer journey frequently begins with call centre interaction. Being kept waiting or not being able to reach an agent at all, can mean lost business, a negative experience that’s shared and damage to your reputation.

Tiger can deliver up to the minute analysis of your customer journey across your entire voice estate, enabling you to optimise all aspects of your business process and customer experience from staff performance and training, to call flow efficiencies and technology revamps.

Customer service data

We give you the information you need to deliver a truly excellent, customer-first experience, including:

  • Call pick up times
  • Call duration
  • Missed calls
  • Voice messages
  • Returned calls
  • Peak demand
  • Network bandwidth

Business outcomes

Near real-time analysis of this data will help you:

  • Plan customer service resource
  • Support under-performance with training
  • Monitor sales call activity
  • Turn missed calls into opportunities
  • Re-direct bandwidth to call demand
  • Assess KPI performance
  • Maintain regular management reporting