Use data to prevent fraudulent activity

Suspicious telephone numbers

X Continuous repeat calls

= Effective fraud prevention measures

Defend your organisation

Defending your organisation against crime and fraud that can lead to financial and reputational damage is imperative. You need to provide a secure environment for your employees, customers and business.

Employees require support through protocols, technology and training to spot potential fraudulent activity, while customers want the reassurance that they can do business with you safely.

Tiger software supports estate-wide monitoring of your Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) environment, as well as proactive alerting capabilities, that detect and forewarn against fraudulent abuse and provide a much needed security blanket.

Data can be delivered to a variety of roles within your business, enabling individual managers and departments to take proactive responsibility for safeguarding your business against a variety of potential impacts.

Fraud prevention data

We give you the information you need to take protective action and put preventative measures in place against future attack.

Business outcomes

Near real-time analysis of this data will help you:

  • Highlight patterns of suspicious call activity to teams
  • Identify potentially damaging call activity as it happens
  • Enable fast action against potential fraud
  • Minimise internal misuse of company resources
  • Prevent future risk of attack and process failures
  • Continually adapt measures as criminal activity changes