Use data to support your
workplace performance

Workplace data

X Enterprise context

= Information you can work with

Make more informed decisions

The central function of our workplace analytics software is collating and transforming telephony and Unified Communications & Collaboration data, to help our clients make informed decisions about their resources, technology and processes.

Our vision is to provide intuitive data analytics for every enterprise, supporting the delivery of outstanding communication and collaboration services, enabling employees to work optimally and for the enterprise to serve customers in the best possible way.

Digital transformation is all around us and is, particularly, front of mind for technology and business leaders who need to understand not only what’s possible, but how people are adapting to and using new technology.

Our software provides the actionable insights that leaders, IT directors and team managers need to agree technology investment, enhance customer experience, establish cost controls, design process improvement, engage employees and scope training needs.

Performance data

  • Communication patterns
  • Customer demand
  • Bandwidth capacity
  • International activity
  • Technology adoption
  • Collaboration patterns
  • Team comparisons
  • Cost comparisons

Business outcomes

Near real-time analysis of this data will help you:

  • Design optimal resourcing
  • Manage cross-charging
  • Develop least cost routing
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Motivate team collaboration
  • Assess technology investment
  • Reduce call charges
  • Maximise ROI