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26th – 27th June

Tiger Prism’s dashboards, reports and analytics make it simple to get meaningful insights from your Microsoft Teams data, delivering extensive analytics capabilities beyond Microsoft’s native reporting.

We store the data for as long as you need rather than Microsoft’s standard retention policy, so you can monitor trends over longer periods of time.

Get as granular as you like with detailed information on interactions, meeting quality, device use, engagement and more.

Plus, with role-based access, you can empower anyone within your organisation by providing them with relevant information tailored to their needs and teams. This approach helps everyone embrace data, enhance decision-making, and transform business performance.

Unlock Microsoft Teams data and transform performance

Tiger Prism analyses every Microsoft Teams interaction from voice to video calling, instant messaging to screen sharing and more.

Why Tiger Prism for Microsoft Teams?

Unlimited storage

Retain your Teams data for as long as you need it and gain trend analysis over much longer periods of time.

Role-based access

Grant secure access to Teams information to empower users with the insights that are relevant to them.

Enhanced detail

Granular insights on meeting quality, device use, adoption and more.

Assess licensing

Audit and optimise Microsoft licensing so that you don’t buy licenses you don’t need.

Understand performance

Identify tech usage patterns and uncover training needs to improve staff engagement and adoption.

Consolidated analytics

Bring all your unified comms and collaboration data into one integrated platform and analyse alongside the insights from MS Teams.

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