Report and inform your business

Report and inform your business

Business leaders make dozens of decisions each day. Actioning those choices swiftly and with confidence, can often prove key. But without the insights to back up those judgements, people increasingly rely on instinct and prior knowledge — rather than the facts.

A method that could prove risky — especially when things don’t quite go to plan.

To prevent this, many companies employ teams to manually delve into their data, to uncover insights which inform the future direction of those businesses — underpinning strategy planning for many years ahead.

But with UC analytics, organisations can reduce manually intensive, and potentially error-prone processes, for accurate and easily digestible insight at their fingertips.

Drill down into data

With a wealth of insight, businesses can delve further into information to help establish the reasons behind a particular pattern of activity.

Present results

The process of amalgamating and presenting data is crucial when it comes to adding context. Having turned numbers into something meaningful, the results can be communicated to stakeholders and used to drive change.

Insight in action

But without real-world examples of this in action, it can be difficult to see exactly how this process could come to life in your organisation. Learn how our customer, leading insurance provider, esure, has benefitted from UC analytics, via our Tiger Prism solution, here.

Level up

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to UC analytics – that’s why our Tiger Prism software comprises different levels. This enables our customers to tailor the insights that they receive to their unique business needs. Download our free guide to learn more.

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