As many of you will know, my role in life for the past 14 years has been to provide enablement advice to partners. And while my job has taken me to Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Dubai, Kuwait, Sweden and the USA, most of my time sees me based in the UK. Regularly visiting a range of partner locations – from Dorset to Aberdeen – my annual mileage would typically exceed 25,000. So, as remote working arrangements continue to prevail, what have been my main takeaways from partners during this period and what can I share with

Having arrived as Tiger’s new CEO just prior to the UK lockdown, this year has been nothing like I’ve experienced before. It’s never easy taking on a new CEO role but grabbing hold of the reigns in the midst of a global pandemic is on another level of challenge.  I could never have imagined the world events that lay ahead when I joined the business at the end of February, which have had major personal and economic consequences everywhere in the world. We’ve all read over the last few months how companies have had to adapt to new ways of

I’ve worked in telecoms for over 20 years. I’ll never forget my first day at Tiger when I was shown an application that had taken over two years to develop. I was tasked with the job of testing ‘fancy’ new graphical user interfaces. I laugh about this now as so much has changed since. After all, that was during a time of grey Windows and the very first ‘Start’ button! On my desk, I remember there being a plain, plastic handset that I would come to learn was a critical part of every business. It impacted everything – from sales