Tiger at Commsverse: insights and impact

Tiger at Commsverse: insights and impact

Commsverse, hosted at Mercedes Benz World, provided the setting for Tiger to highlight our Microsoft Teams analytics capabilities, connect with industry peers, and gain valuable insights. As the event was centred around Microsoft Teams, it was the ideal platform to showcase our Prism solution.


Tiger Prism: empowering Microsoft Teams analytics

Tiger Prism surpasses Microsoft’s native reporting, providing secure role-based data access within the business, whilst allowing organisations to retain Teams data indefinitely. With Tiger Prism, you can analyse meeting quality, device usage, and more, revolutionising your data-driven decision-making.


Contact centre transformation

A key theme at the event was contact centre transformation. Companies are reassessing their significant contact centre costs and exploring alternatives.

Solutions like call queues, auto attendants, and third-party reporting could lead to a more efficient “contact centre lite.” Tiger’s expertise in this area resonated strongly with attendees.


Consultants and transformational projects

Consultants specialising in Office 365, Power Platforms, and Power Bl are pivotal in organisational transformation. Conversations at the event confirmed that Tiger enhances their toolkit, providing valuable insights and analytics to drive digital transformation,maximise adoption and ROI.


Industry insights

Commsverse wasn’t just about booths and brochures—it was about understanding the industry landscape. Tiger gained crucial insights into trends and emerging technologies, helping confirm our strategic direction.


Connecting with partners and customers

It was fantastic to see so many of our partners, customers, and new faces at Commsverse. The interactions and conversations were invaluable, strengthening our relationships and opening up new opportunities.


The Tiger team had a fantastic two days at Commsverse, engaging with the industry and showcasing the extensive capabilities of our Microsoft Teams analytics.

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