Tiger Prism: Empowering universities during clearing and beyond

Tiger Prism: Empowering universities during clearing and beyond

Tiger Prism: Empowering universities during clearing 

In the dynamic landscape of higher education, we know that universities face intense competition to attract the right students. To enhance this process, and boost revenue, universities can utilise Tiger Prism, a powerful workplace and united communications data analytics tool. 

Data-driven decision making 

Tiger Prism provides actionable insights based on data-driven analysis, helping universities make informed decisions. Whether this is for resource planning, fraud detection, or maximising clearing opportunities, data-driven decisions enable universities to streamline their clearing operations, enhance student experience, and drive revenue growth.  

Efficient call management and cost control 

During clearing, universities receive a vast amount of calls, more than at any other time during the year. Managing these calls efficiently is crucial.  

Tiger Prism offers several features to optimise call management and support universities during this period: 

  • Monitor call traffic: Understand call patterns, peak times, and bottlenecks.  
  • Visual insights with dashboards: The Tiger Prism dashboards gives access to visual cues for quick insight into the current situation in call management. This allows teams to have a clear overview of their call handling performance and make necessary adjustments swiftly. 
  • Optimise resources: By analysing call data, universities can plan capacity and allocate resources more effectively. This includes efficiently allocating staff to handle enquiries promptly. Tiger Prism assists universities in ensuring that no prospective student is left waiting. 
  • Call back: Implement a proactive approach by calling back students who didn’t receive an initial response. This strategy significantly enhances communication and student experience, as well as securing additional students.  
  • Proactive alerting: Whether for fraud detection or capacity planning get real-time alerts to manage high volumes of incoming call traffic efficiently. 
  • Enhancing student experience: A positive clearing experience contributes to student satisfaction and retention. Tiger Prism enables universities to correlate call performance with satisfaction KPIs. By understanding customer experience metrics, universities can improve their services. 

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