Using data to empower teams and inspire transformational change

Using data to empower teams and inspire transformational change

Using data to empower teams and inspire transformational change

As the rapid development and adoption of technology continues to spearhead society, the ‘future workplace’ is a topic generating a lot of interest among business leaders.

And while it isn’t solely about having the most advanced technologies in place, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s important for you to equip your teams with digital solutions that enable them to make department-wide, business intelligence-led decisions that fuel revolutionary change.

Using technology encourages employees to do their jobs in a far smarter way – without adding to workloads. While blending data from multiple platforms using AI – can place forward-thinking organisations in an incredibly powerful position.

Relying on Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) technology does mean we generate huge amounts of data though — and ‘unlocking’ this insight often holds the key to driving meaningful and strategic change.

Implementing the right technologies

No matter whether you’re at the helm of a fresh-faced start-up or well established corporate, it’s always important to ensure the UC&C tools you implement are the right fit for your company — and are ones that will positively impact your business.

The rule of thumb is to never fall into the trap of thinking that you need the shiniest, newest solutions — this isn’t always the case. If the wrong type of tech tool is deployed, it can even hamper progress — causing bottlenecks and disrupting both the customer and employee experience.

The UC journey looks different for everyone

At Tiger, we understand that all businesses are at different stages of their unified communications (UC) analytics journey.

Level 5 is the last level in our Tiger Prism model, and is aimed at companies that have the need for a mature UC analytics platform.

It includes all the functionality of the previous four levels — call logging, automated and transformative reporting, and personalised dashboards — but with further features to empower and inspire your employees, customers, wider stakeholders, and partners.

With every call generating around 600 pieces of data, this means that for firms using a sophisticated UC&C suite of voice, video, conferencing and messaging tools, this number increases exponentially.

Tiger Prism helps businesses capture patterns and changes in data — giving the workforce actionable insights to transform workplace performance, monitor user adoption, and enhance employee engagement.

And this is exactly what one of our customers, UK-leading motor retail and aftersales service group, Lookers, experienced.

After initially investing in Tiger Prism to provide missed call data — a level 1 functionality — this quickly evolved through the stages, seeing the firm use the software to generate personalised dashboards for each of its separate franchises, dealerships and individual teams, which are presented weekly to the board.

It also helped the business to analyse its SIP trunks utilisation, and as a result, it has saved £600,000 in telecoms costs. Hear more about the Lookers story in this webinar.

Not sure where you are on your UC journey? Learn more about Tiger Prism and the five levels by downloading our free guide or get in touch with a member of our team by emailing or calling 01425 891000.