Tiger and Oak Innovation join forces

Tiger and Oak Innovation join forces

Tiger and Oak Innovation join forces

The Tiger team is thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with Oak Innovation to expand our service offering. Oak Innovation is renowned for its forward-thinking call recording software, ClarifyGo. We’ll be acting as a reseller in addition to our products.

In tandem, Oak Innovation will sell its customers our data analytics product, Tiger Prism. The synergies between both are far-reaching. Our customers will now not only be able to make decisions with their data, but meet their compliance obligations with call recording.

The history behind Tiger and Oak Innovation

As two unified communications and collaboration specialists on the south coast, it would be natural to think we were competitors. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We have always recommended Oak Innovation when our customers have asked about call recording software, and vice versa for call logging.

Our CEO Ben Nicklen said: “We continually discuss driving product development and creating our own intellectual property. However, often our customers ask us about call recording and contact centre software. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we know this is a specialist area for Oak Innovation, so it was the next logical step.”

Oak Innovation was founded by James Emm and Phil Reynolds in 1987. The company offers certified compliance call recording for Microsoft Teams, working across the UK and US. Specialising in finance, local authorities and government agencies, Oak Innovation works with small to medium-sized enterprises.

ClarifyGo records calls for compliance, dispute resolution, sales and customer service. Talks began in May 2023 when Oak Innovation CEO William Emm approached us to discuss analytics. We soon realised that both businesses could benefit by selling each other’s products.

What’s next for Tiger and Oak Innovation?

Tiger will expand Oak Innovation’s markets with its larger enterprise clients. Meanwhile, Oak Innovation will help us explore North American markets. We also look forward to expanding our services in Europe and South Africa.

This partnership will see both companies giving their customers a holistic service offering. Our clients will now be able to record calls compliantly based on their industries’ rules and regulations. In turn, they’ll adhere to privacy laws and improve their customer service. When paired with Tiger Prism, they’ll not only have compliantly recorded calls, but valuable call data. Information such as licences, device usage and call times will allow managers to make strategic decisions.

Oak Innovation CEO William Emm said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Tiger to deliver a complete call management solution to Teams resellers and their customers. This value-added service will allow both brands to operate independently, but equally collaborate to deliver the best customer experience possible.”

Ambitious plans for year 1

Following our recent management buy-out, we have big plans for both Tiger and Oak Innovation. We’ve set ourselves a goal of £1 million ARR in the first 12 months. We’re confident we’ll reach this thanks to the great feedback we’ve had so far. Our Sales Director, Caroline Lewis broke the news to clients on Thursday 6th July at our annual Tiger Connect event. Suffice to say, the news was well-received!

Ben Nicklen adds: “After over 20 years of our organisations admiring each other from a friendly distance, I am so excited. Bringing together two of the best-known brands in the UC ecosystem will enable our customers to benefit from excellent products, and continue to drive business value in UC analytics and compliance recording technology. Watch this space!”

If you’d like to hear more about our partnership with Oak Innovation’s ClarifyGo, please get in touch.

Find out more about Oak Innovation here.