Effective capacity planning and reducing costs with UC data

Sector: Aerospace

Making decisions on the investment needed for a unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) estate is no easy task. IT and telecoms leaders must anticipate and plan for network growth, while also reducing costs of comms that aren’t utilised.

This major aerospace manufacturer has been a Tiger customer for over 15 years. As part of a recent project, they were looking to amalgamate their current PSTN estates into pairs of SIP lines. A primary driver for the project is the impending ISDN switch off which means many organisations will need to make the switch to SIP. Other goals were to reduce the number of different providers they work with and reduce call and line rental costs, while also ensuring SIP channels are sized appropriately to reduce wastage.

Tiger Prism’s UC analytics supported the business to understand the ‘as is’ situation and determine what they need to support their future telephony and communications strategy. Starting with device use, they’ve been able to recover un-used devices, reducing both handset and license costs.

Our software has also provided the top 50 dialled locations to international numbers so they can optimise costs with their network of telecoms providers. Due to the global call volumes involved, saving just £0.005 per minute on calls to specific locations can result in significant savings over time.

The benefits

  • Using data to understand and prove UC tech needs – no guesswork required
  • Significant cost savings by reducing un-used licenses and devices on the network
  • Detailed usage and location reports that support cost negotiations and optimisation with telecom providers worldwide

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