Supporting councils to improve customer service through call analysis

Sector: Local government

Improving the citizen experience is high on the agenda for local authorities and the way staff communicate and interact is key to how council services are perceived. Calls are a good place to start when assessing service quality, so this council identified the need for a report to help them analyse how calls are answered via the organisation’s hunt groups.

Using Tiger Prism’s analytics and incoming reports, the council has been able to analyse their call flows for different call types and scenarios. They’ve been able to delve deeper into call outcomes, reasons why calls are initiated and terminated, as well as call transfer information.

These valuable insights enable the council to ensure they’re offering a quality service when responding to calls and queries from their customers. They’ve also been able to identify where additional resources are needed to help support teams improve SLAs.

The use of Tiger Prism also supports this council’s cloud-first strategy as our software is available as SaaS offering.

The benefits

  • Detailed analysis of incoming calls
  • Intuitive reports that make it easy to ‘slice and dice’ the call data by different call types and scenarios
  • Insights on how calls are handled, helping to identify how service could be enhanced.

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