Tiger Prism Teams module measures adoption and productivity

Tiger Prism’s new Microsoft Teams module gathers the vast amounts of data generated by every interaction on Microsoft Teams, across voice and video calling, instant messaging and multiple other apps.

Analytics provide insights on:

  • Which teams, where, are using Microsoft Teams
  • What devices they’re using it on
  • How long conversations and collaborations last
  • Peaks and troughs in usage throughout a week or day
  • Whether interactions are internal or external

Tiger Prism’s wide-ranging analytics, paired with ongoing monitoring of team outputs and performance, will reveal patterns in technology use, productivity and engagement, which can be used to help teams work more effectively.

With several variations of Microsoft Teams licenses to choose from, you can also use this insight to validate your license count and only pay for what you need.


Microsoft Teams in your enterprise

Discover everything you need to know about the new Tiger Prism Microsoft Teams module and what the analytics will tell you.

Key features

  • User adoption
  • User interaction
  • Itemised CDR
  • Data transparency
  • Device and license needs
  • All in one place

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