Tiger introduces Microsoft Teams software to help data-less leaders enhance employee engagement

2 February 2021

Tiger introduces Microsoft Teams software to help data-less leaders enhance employee engagement

  • Module accesses data on call interactions and channel usage
  • Enables organisations to maximise Microsoft licence subscriptions
  • Capable of immediately retrieving data from Tiger’s analytics engine

Workplace data analytics firm Tiger has released a Microsoft Teams module to help businesses optimise licences and stop leaders from “operating in the dark” because they don’t have access to key staff productivity data.

Responding to the mass adoption of unified communications and collaboration tools – which have supported millions of employees working remotely or via a hybrid approach – throughout the pandemic, Tiger Prism for Microsoft Teams allows organisations to contextualise Teams call detail records on a granular level.

It provides managers with the business capability to further analyse interaction volume, incoming call performance, team adoption, individual interactions, channel usage – such as speech, video or meeting – and the least and most engaged employees.

Additionally, to tackle Microsoft Teams only granting users with admin rights access to a small subset of data – and real-time call information that only goes back 28 days – Tiger’s cloud-based module goes further.

It provides secure management access so each company-assigned user can retrieve every piece of data from the first day it’s drawn from its analytics engine, for as long as required. This allows organisations to expand analysis beyond short-term use and tap into longer term and seasonal trends. Data is more accessible, flexible and easier to understand – all on intuitive dashboards.

With an immediate need to adapt to the market’s demands for flexible collaborative tools, Ben Nicklen, chief operating officer for Tiger, said: “When the first UK lockdown hit, there was an immediate response from organisations to get everyone home and set up online, in order to maintain productivity.

“Months down the line we should all be feeling empowered by so much technology at our fingertips. However, business leaders are only just realising they don’t have the required data to understand exactly how each employee is engaging and interacting on a day-to-day basis.”

Ben added: “Businesses are currently operating in the dark because they don’t have the evidence to know which colleagues are using Teams, how often, or how well. That means they can’t effectively enhance engagement and make adjustments where necessary.

“Gleaning the right intelligence empowers every part of a firm – whether HR, finance or sales and marketing – because they can analyse and interpret data that specifically impacts their department.

“From reviewing the quality of each customer call, to identifying employee patterns that alert managers to wellbeing concerns – or perhaps that need further training – these insights help to streamline overall efficiency and performance on a company-wide level.”

Having spoken to key leaders from a cross-section of its 600-strong enterprise customer base – which span sectors including healthcare, education, insurance and manufacturing – Tiger understands that several companies are struggling to optimise their Teams’ calling plan licences. That means organisations are oversubscribing and wasting significant spend in the process.

“It’s a can of worms for so many organisations and it’s putting them severely out of pocket because they’re paying for licences they don’t need or even use,” explained Ben, who has worked at Tiger for more than 20 years.

“Data impacts and informs every area of a business in different ways – from IT using it to manage reports to HR understanding key employee trends. As an industry, it’s important that we help these leaders to make sense of their own data to drive each business-critical decision.”

Ben concluded: “At a time when companies are continuing their own individual recoveries – and are looking to scale beyond the global crisis – technology must provide end users with the collaboration tools they need to maximise employee engagement, customer experience, staff wellbeing and seamless remote and hybrid working solutions.”

For more information about Tiger Prism’s module for Microsoft Teams, and to download the feature sheet, visit tiger.io/microsoft-teams.