Discover the power of Prism Analytics

‘Ask the Experts’ Matt Ringsell, Richard Burt – Tiger Connect Online November 2023

Welcome to our ‘Ask the Experts’ session with Matt Ringsell and Richard Burt, focusing on analytics and insights for Microsoft Teams.

In this informative session, we dive into various aspects of analytics, including: Analytics for Teams call queues, Auto attendant reporting, Identifying faults and connectivity issues, Counting unique devices in use, Integration of Teams and analytics, Analysing call data, Exploring the use of unique call GUIDs for in-depth analysis and searching for specific calls and their legs.

In the second part of the session, we delve into identifying unused extension numbers and scheduling reports for regular updates. Discover how to utilise reports like “Unknown endpoints” and “Zero usage endpoints” to keep your communication system efficient.

Don’t miss out on these valuable insights.

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