Digital bosses reveal outdated technology and fraud are priority concerns for their organisations

Digital bosses reveal outdated technology and fraud are priority concerns for their organisations

Digital bosses reveal outdated technology and fraud are priority concerns for their organisations

Legacy systems, inefficient processes, and cyber-crime are the three things keeping technology leaders up at night.

That’s according to our recent survey, in which we invited CEOs, CIOs, directors, and managers to let us know their thoughts on workplace data analytics and the Unified Communications and Collaborations (UC&C) market.

What’s causing managers the most stress?

Trying to deal with infrastructure that failed to hack the pace topped the poll. Unproductive teams and budgets were also concerning matters for industry chiefs.

With so much technology at their fingertips, organisations might be finding it difficult to identify the right software to meet their needs – that not only empowers their businesses but engages teams to feel motivated in their roles.

Welcome to workplace data analytics

A savvy, quick-to-deploy data solution should provide managers with the critical detail they need to inform key decisions – from addressing productivity concerns to enhancing the customer experience.

Thankfully, our respondents feel workplace data analytics represented more than just a buzzword. In fact, exactly two-thirds of those surveyed (66%) said it ‘had substance’.

And the best way to describe it? Half (50%) of recipients agreed that:

“Workplace data analytics helps businesses to measure the usage and adoption of unified comms and collaboration, and other workplace systems.”

The three most valuable uses of workplace data analytics

  1. Enhancing the customer experience
  2. Understanding productivity
  3. Providing a better grip on workplace performance

Other popular responses included how such intelligence helps firms to save time and money, and how it also fosters a more positive company culture.

Is Microsoft Teams an integral part of a tech leader’s software stack?

The good news is, nearly three in four respondents (72%) believe it played an important role. And, having recently rolled out our own Tiger Prism for Microsoft Teams module, we of course agree!

Interestingly though, three-quarters (75%) of organisations weren’t using their Teams licences to monitor employee collaboration. This is something our product can help managers with, to identify staff trends and address wellbeing concerns.

Unified Comms and Collaboration data analytics in 2021 – tech leaders predict…

Leaders believe we’ll see a greater need to report on video conferencing usage and adoption following the mass move to working from home – and the potential for us to operate in a more hybrid way.

Other popular answers included the prospect of there being a deeper integration between UC&C platforms and third-party comms apps, as well as enabling IT teams to utilise data to combat fraud and drive optimisation of UC&C investments.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our survey! These findings have been invaluable for how we continue to build software functionality and help managers to make swift business-critical decisions.

For more information about Tiger, call: 01425 891000 or email: If you’d like to explore how Tiger Prism’s module for Microsoft Teams can empower your organisation, visit:

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