Understanding the journey of calls to improve patient experience

Sector: NHS

Following the successful implementation of a new IVR system, this NHS Trust had a goal to improve first call resolution by routing calls to the correct departments. However, once the call was transferred by the IVR, they were losing visibility of it and were unable to see its complete journey.

Tiger Prism’s analytics captures Cisco Call Manager data allowing the Trust to track the full journey of the call, even after it has left the IVR system. The combined information from the IVR and Tiger Prism’s analytics has allowed the Trust to get a complete picture of each call. This has enabled the team to assess calls against SLAs, so that customer service can be improved.

The benefits

  • Track the complete journey of a call, even after it leaves the IVR system
  • Use analytics data to identify areas for improvement within the latter part of the patient journey
  • Improve customer experience by ensuring calls are answered more effectively by individual departments

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