Find out how Tiger Prism unlocks Microsoft team analytics

Now with over 250 million monthly average users, it’s easy to see why Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely adopted UCaaS offerings. Supporting organisations to communicate, collaborate and innovate from anywhere.

But is your organisation using Microsoft Teams to it’s full potential? How well are your employees interacting with customers and colleagues? What’s driving your decisions on business performance? Do you have the insight you need to inform decisions on costs?

Discover Tiger Prism for Microsoft Teams

Unlock the data to help you and your organisation get maximum value from Microsoft Teams analytics. Discover our in-depth data, dashboards and reports that will empower you and your people to understand your UC data – saving time, money and resource.

Key features

The central function of our software is collating and transforming telephony and Unified Communications & Collaboration data, to help our clients make informed decisions about their resources, technology and processes.

  • Secure
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Directory integration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Simple dashboard
  • Data mining and querying
  • Multi-language, multi-currency and time zoning

Key capabilities

Access to consolidated data across all Unifed Communications and collaboration tools

Identify the devices and functionality your employees use and only buy the licenses you need

Visualise and track who is active in team groups and identify redundant channels that are no longer in use

Management access to see how staff are using Microsoft Teams

Role-based access allocated by your Prism administrator, so employees can see their own metrics and data

Store data beyond real-time for as long as you need it

Has Microsoft Teams presented an analytics gap?

…Microsoft Teams licence costs are to increase (in March 2022), even when finances have been stretched beyond breaking point. Knowing what your teams are using – and what they’re not – will be crucial when defining in-house adoption and managing company budgets.

Marc Bertasius, Microsoft Practice Lead, Cinos

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