Making the most of your data with Tiger Prism Reporting, Scheduling and Dashboards

‘Ask the Experts’ Matt Ringsell, Richard Burt – April 2024

Our recent ‘Ask the Experts’ session on Wednesday, April 17th, was a deep dive into maximising data potential with Prism Reporting, Batch Reporting, Scheduling, and Dashboards.

Join us as we revisit the key insights shared by our experts, Matt Ringsell and Richard Burt.

Here’s a recap of what you can expect:

Unveiling bottlenecks: Explore reporting exceptions and unravel pathways to insightful reporting with Matt’s detailed explanations.

Navigating call wait times: Learn efficient methodologies for tracking and analysing call performance metrics to enhance service quality.

Zero Usage insights: Harness comprehensive data insights to optimise resource allocation and streamline operations.

MS Teams and Cisco integration: Leverage integration functionalities to extract actionable insights and enhance communication systems.

Reporting on Call Volumes: Streamline the reporting process with pre-canned reports and seamless data export.

Voicemail settings: Simplify voicemail usage tracking with customisable settings and clever calculations.

Importing numbers into Analytics: Discover how to import numbers into Tiger for enhanced analytics capabilities.

Tracking call journeys: Follow calls from start to finish with Analytics to improve customer experiences.

Stay Tuned for more exclusive content! We can’t wait to see you at our next event.

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