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Here’s some content you may find useful which aligns to the key themes and discussions at this year’s Tiger Connect.

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Tiger Connect Event 2022 Highlights

Take a peek into our recent Tiger Connect event, held at Shakespeare’s Globe in London — where we explored the latest developments in data analytics.


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Tiger Connect Event 2022 – Company Update

Ben Nicklen, COO, shares Tiger’s most recent company update. Ben is joined by our Head of Marketing, Louise Bennett, who explains how we have transitioned our tone of voice and the new messaging around the ‘Levelling up’ campaign. Ben is also joined by Richard Burt, Head of Service Management who shares changes to the Service structure team and also some great news around NPS scoring.


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Tiger Connect Event 2022 – Product Update

Ben Nicklen, COO, shares Tiger’s latest product updates and roadmap schedule with our customers. Ben is joined by Lead Engineer Matt Ringsell who showcases one of our latest and exciting products, Qube.


Customer Presentation – Steve Cullen, Marsh McLennan

Our journey into the cloud in a new era of UC and collaboration with Zoom Phone.

Steve Cullen, Global Voice Support Manager, Marsh McLennan shares with us their journey into cloud and Zoom Phone.


Customer Presentation – Tom Boyle, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Preparing for the future of communications and collaboration

Tom Boyle, Head of Telecoms at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, shares his insights into preparing for the future of communications and collaboration, in the context of the healthcare sector. “We want our telecoms to be as good as it gets”.


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A guide to levelling up you UC analytics

How can you make your organisation’s data work harder – to empower your workforce, drive meaningful change and make a strategic difference? Download our guide to discover the five stages of the UC analytics journey and what levelling up looks like for your organisation.


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