Microsoft Teams widgets

A widget is a customisable Analytical view that includes a predefined set of columns and filters, allowing users to import, save, modify, and display relevant data on the screen.

Single-Person Meetings over 20 Minutes

This widget is particularly useful for identifying calls where a user is marked as “In a Meeting” despite no other participants joining and waiting in this meeting with no other users for over 20 minutes, which can assist in better understanding team engagement and availability.

Poor Audio Quality Call

To search for poor-quality voice calls, a proactive approach involves monitoring call analytics to identify and troubleshoot issues. Call analytics provide detailed information about devices, networks, and connectivity for individual calls, allowing for a granular investigation into the causes of poor call quality.

SIP Termination Cause Total

SIP Termination Cause refers to a code that indicates why a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call was ended. These codes are essential for diagnosing issues within VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications.

Call Queue Summary

Summary of Microsoft call queues and the Final Call Result, including total Talk Time, Average Connection Time, and the Longest Connection Time for each of the call outcomes.

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