Automating billing reports for contractors on a shared telephony estate

Sector: NHS

Like many healthcare organisations, this NHS Trust has contractors and universities sharing the same telephony estate. When it comes to billing, the Trust has a requirement to bill departments and external third parties with line rental and call costs so that they can recover this expense.

To support the Trust, Tiger’s directory integration application (Qube) looks up special fields from a centralised directory. This indicates whether the telephone’s extension number is a contractor, university or is being used by a department within the Trust. The information is then categorised and the relevant fixed costs are automatically applied.

Next, Tiger Prism uses batch scheduling to set up a single report that distributes a bill to each of the contractors and universities, including itemised bills and their reoccurring line rental. It also sends a separate amalgamated bill to the Trust’s finance department where the money is recovered.

This streamlined approach means the Trust only has two reports to maintain. It’s also quick and easy to change report outlines and apply those changes across all sub-reports, so that manual updating of individual reports isn’t required.

The benefits

  • Automated categorisation of costs using telephone extension numbers
  • Simple, automated distribution of reports to save the Trust time and ensure costs are recovered
  • Streamlined, automated approach means that the reports are easy to maintain and can be changed in-line with the organisation’s requirements

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