CleanINTERNET, Intelligence powered cybersecurity

Partner presentation, Chris Handscomb, Centripetal – Tiger Connect Online November 2023

In this session, Ben and Caroline introduce our collaboration with Centripetal, a leading force in the cybersecurity world, where we explore their ground breaking ‘CleanINTERNET’ service.

What Is Clean Internet?

Join us as Chris, a technical engineer from Centripetal, takes us on a journey through CleanINTERNETs capabilities. This innovative service is designed to protect your business from a wide range of online threats, including reconnaissance, malicious web browsing, malware infections, and advanced threat detection.

Ready to revolutionise your cybersecurity game?

Join us for this webinar recap to learn how CleanINTERNET and our partnership with Centripetal are changing the game. Your online security has never looked this promising!

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